LED Vapor Tight Linear Light Fixture

120lm/w Ra>80 3-5 Years Warranty

Corrosion-proof, Water-proof and Dust-proof

Length: 600mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2400mm

Warehouse/ Parking Lot/ Station/ Factory

Office/ Shopping Mall/ Work shop

LED High Bay Light

120lm/w Ra>80 3-5 Years Warranty

Corrosion-proof, Water-proof and Dust-proof

Loading Dockt/ Station/ Gym/ Shop

Factory/ Work shop/ Warehouse

LED Flood Light

120lm/w Ra>80 3-5 Years Warranty

Corrosion-proof, Water-proof and Dust-proof

Station/ Gym/ Natatorium

Factory/ Work shop/ Square

2016 HK International Lighting Fair

Date: 6-9 April, 2016

Add: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

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Why our LED Linear Lighting are different with others?

As an LED Industrial Lighting provider, we can offer special specification with different requirements..


Quality LED Chips, Lower working current, High performance of driver, Special design for heat sinking, these make us offer a longer warranty of 5 years.

Super Bright at a very high lumen flux of 135lm/w

Our solution offer a super high lumen flux for customer have a strict request of energy saving. For Transparent tube, our flux is 135lm/w; for Frosted tube, our flux is 120lm/w.

Uniformity Light of Surface

Special design of structure and chip arrangement make the light of tube surface is uniformity.


The burden current of Chip can be 70mA but in our project we only 43-47mA, This ensure a easy burden for chip thus have a less thermal so it lead a longer lifespan and stable working for tube.

No flicker and eye-friendly

We using CCR( Constant Current Reduction) LED Power supply which provide a constant level of current to led .The tube have no flicker even under a camera shooting, it is good for human eyes.

About Us

An Professional LED Industrial Lighting Solution Provider And Qualified LED Lighting Manufacturer

Main Products: LED Vapor Tight Linear Light; LED Linear Light;LED Highbay Light, LED Flood Lights, LED Tubes, LED Tri-Proof Light, LED Panel Light,LED Downlight, LED Bulbs, etc.Offering Lighting solutions for Factories, Offices, Shopping Malls, Parking Lots, Hotels, Warehouses, Hospitals.

  • Qualified Certificates listed

    The products had contained CE RoHS FCC, and some are TUV listed.

  • Experienced Engineer Team

    We have a team of engineers which have more than 10 years experiences in the lighting field. We can be strong support on the solutions and products

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    All the inquiries will be reply in 3 hours in order to save your waiting time and shorten your feedback time to reach your customer.

  • Strict QC Process

    The THREE INSPECTIONS and THREE PASS Principles and Follow the passed ISO quality management system certification: ISO 9001:2008