IES LED High Bay Lighting Features

LED high bay lighting features-A Detailed Introduction from the Materials, Structure and Solution

1、IES led high bay lighting adopts phase change cooling technology to emission the LED heat in time so that lower its temperature and ensure the cooling requirements and working life of LEDs. The lamps surface has a treatment of anodizing and embalming, to make the overall contour structure compact and artistic.

High bay structure

2、IES use MeanWell HBG series power supply to ensure LED works in constant current conditions, glows stable and longer lifespan.

3、High brightness Philips SMD3030 LEDs evenly distributed in PCB board with phase change radiating to let LED junction temperature less than 60℃, to make sure LED working lifespan more than 50000hrs.

4、Efficiency and energy saving, save more than 75% electricity compared to traditional High Bay Light.

5、Green environmental protection without any harmful elements like Mercury and Xenon, without any pollution for environment.

6、Special surface treatment workmanship, good decorative effect, easy to install and disassemble, wide application range.

7、Adopts high purity aluminum reflector, wide beam angle and uniform illumination, no flicker and no dazzle.

8、High CRI, various light color are optional. Meets different environment requirements and disabuse the bottled-up emotions from traditional lamps, more comfortable and greatly improves the working efficiency.

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