LED Vapor Tight Light

Improve Lighting Efficiency with LED Vapor Linear Retrofit Kits

LEDs have been shown to deliver high quality, flexible lighting that outperforms fluorescent lights in every possible measurement, and not only do they provide better light, they’re also more energy efficient and require less maintenance. As a result, the lifetime cost of using LEDs is far lower than using fluorescent lighting, and upgrading your existing fluorescent lighting fixtures with a IES Lighting LED lighting solution will yield massive savings on your energy bill and lower your overall maintenance costs.

Offer Multi-choice for your retrofit

With their full line of easy-to-install LED Vapor Linear retrofit kits that fit nearly any existing fluorescent fixture, IES Lighting makes it easy for you to convert outdated lighting installations. IES’s Linea Series of Retrofit Kits include LED upgrade solutions for existing direct and indirect center basket fixtures, high bay fixtures, vapor tight fixtures, 4’ or 8’ fixtures. Furthermore, all of IES’s retrofit kits are on the TUV Qualified Products List, meaning they meet stringent standards of performance and are eligible for utility rebates.

Good Energy-saving ,easy installation and better lighting quality

When considering the overall savings generated by LED lighting, the decision to retrofit your existing fluorescent fixtures is an easy one to make. If savings and longevity are your goals, one of IES Lighting’s retrofit kits is exactly what you need, and installation is easy enough to knock out in as little as five minutes with only a few simple steps. IES LED retrofit kits provide you with greater control, more flexibility, and higher quality lighting across the board, and after retrofitting your fixture with a IES LED upgrade kit, you’ll immediately see a difference in the quality of your lighting and a reduction in your energy bill. With any of IES’s retrofit kits, you’re not only getting cheaper lighting, you’re getting better lighting, and lets face it, there aren’t many areas in any business where cheaper translates to better.

Switching to one of IES Lighting’s LED solutions can help you move your business forward while keeping an eye on future demands. Furthermore, the reduction you will see in energy use will make your business more environmentally friendly and reduce costs. Not to mention, fewer maintenance calls will certainly add to your savings over time.

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