LED Vapor Tight Light

Improve Lighting Efficiency with LED Vapor Linear Retrofit Kits

LEDs have been shown to deliver high quality, flexible lighting that outperforms fluorescent lights in every possible measurement, and not only do they provide better light, they’re also more energy efficient and require less maintenance. As a result, the lifetime cost of using LEDs is far lower than using fluorescent lighting, and upgrading your existing fluorescent lighting fixtures with a IES Lighting LED lighting solution will yield massive savings on your energy bill and lower your overall maintenance costs. Read more

garage-low bay

LED Low Bay Fixtures for Parking Garage

LED Low Bay Fixtures Provide a Clever Lighting Solution for KK ’s Parking Garage

Plagued by seemingly never-ending light maintenance in its two-deck parking garage, KK Business Building has put an end to the incessant bulb and fixture changes and saved thousands of dollars in the process by converting to new high-efficiency IES® LED Low Bay luminaires. The retrofit slashed energy use by more than half and dramatically improved visibility inside the garage, while earning the shopping mall  more than $10,000 in energy-efficiency rebates. Read more

High bay structure

IES LED High Bay Lighting Features

LED high bay lighting features-A Detailed Introduction from the Materials, Structure and Solution

1、IES led high bay lighting adopts phase change cooling technology to emission the LED heat in time so that lower its temperature and ensure the cooling requirements and working life of LEDs. The lamps surface has a treatment of anodizing and embalming, to make the overall contour structure compact and artistic. Read more

led high bay light 200w

High Bay LED Lighting

Instead of mimicking common fluorescent and HID forms, LED lighting fixtures are uniquely designed to maximize the optics, heat management, and lifetimes of rigorously tested LEDs. As a result, high bay lighting, low bay lighting, and aisle lighting applications are superior to traditional lighting sources such as metal halide, T5HO fluorescent, HID, Induction, and high pressure sodium fixtures in many areas.

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