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Six Advantages For Choosing LED High Bay Light

Nowadays, worldwide is appealing to use LED high bay light, even the prices of LED high bay is higher than general energy-saving lamps. But why we still choose LED light to replace the energy saving lamp? Let’s take a look at the differences between among them.
1.The electricity consumption of energy saving lamps is triple than led high bay light. It is out-of-date in terms of energy saving and environmental protection.
2.Energy saving lamps contain mercury, it will be harmful if the lamps damaged.
3.LED high bay lifespan is more than 50000hrs,while energy saving lamps only have 1 year lifespan.
4.LED is a cold light source with various colors, such as white, yellow and blue etc. But energy saving lamps only have white and warm colors.
5.LED high bay lamp is energy saving and environmental protection, shockproof, waterproof, mini-sized, high brightness and easy to dimming etc.
It’s not hard to see the advantages of led high bay light will develop well in the near future, it will replace the traditional lamps soon.

LED high bay light have the following six advantages:

1.Longer lifespan. Working life will be more than 50000hrs.
2.Energy Saving. 70W led high bay light save 60% electricity than 175W high pressure sodium lamp.
3.Low light failure. The light failure of 5000hrs less than 25%.
4.High CRI. CRI>80,various color temperature are optional.
5.Fast heat dissipation. Traditional led high bay light need 10 minutes to be cool after turn off the light, but led high bay light only need 5 minutes, use safelyand friendly.
6.Wide applications.LED high bay lamp apply to Shipyard, Mine, Workshop, Plant, Warehouse, Highway toll station, Gas station, Supermarket, Exhibition hall, Gymnasium etc. But traditional high bay light has use limit.


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